What are some of the benefits of using GPost?

The GPost app has immediate value to the user as a messaging, notification, community awareness, and personal safety solution.

    • Free – download the mobile app for free via the App Store or Google Play Store.
    • Track important areas – GPost provides a 'Watch Zone' feature that lets you specify important areas that you want to receive alerts about, such as your home, business, kids' schools, or other family residences.
    • Information on the move – GPost moves with users, delivering real-time notifications relevant to your current location no matter where you are.
    • Community social media – share and view geographically tagged posts with other GPost users in your area to keep tabs on what is happening in your community.
    • Crowdsourced personal safety – if you're in a dangerous situation, use the Area Alert feature to let your emergency contacts and other GPost users in your immediate vicinity know you need help. 
    • Personal messaging – send secure messages and attachments to your friends and family.
    • Link to personal email accounts – users can set up to 5 personal email addresses to link with their GPost account. Once set and enabled, all alerts sent to the registered physical address are also forwarded to the personal email addresses.
    • Secure system – GPost securely operates as a closed system, so no other email server can directly send an email or spam to any GPost user account.
    • Respected privacy – GPost never shares or sells user information.