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Information you will receive from GPost: Messages, Group Messages, Alerts, and Sponsored Messages

The CHATS tab displays all communications you send and receive through GPost.

Each item in your CHATS is a unique thread. Each thread will display the name of the sender and either the message subject or the first line of message.

Tapping on a thread will open it to let you view the full message and write a response.

Each thread you receive will belong to one of four categories: MESSAGES, GROUP MESSAGES, ALERTS, and SPONSORED MESSAGES.

Your CHATS will only display messages from one active address at a time.  If you have unread messages sent to your other address this will be indicated at the top of your CHATS screen.  See our Settings article for more information on addresses.


Messages are secure emails sent between GPost users. Each original message that you send or receive from one of your contacts will be displayed in your CHATS as a unique thread. Any responses to a message will be added to the original thread to help keep your messages organized.

GPost is a closed system, so you can only send and receive messages to and from other GPost accounts.  You can however set up email forwarding to private email accounts in your SETTINGS.  See our Settings article for more details.

You can find detailed information on the different ways to send a message with GPost in our Messaging article.


Group messages are messages sent to a group consisting of two or more GPost users. Other than the number of recipients, the main difference between a group message and a normal message is that all messages sent within a group will be displayed in a single thread.


There are two types of alerts you may receive through GPost, OFFICAL ALERTS and AREA ALERTS.

OFFICIAL ALERTS are sent from GPost PUBLISHERS and will always be accompanied by a small identifier that looks like this: OFFICIAL BUG

GPost PUBLISHERS send alerts about impactful events happening near you that could affect the safety of you or your loved ones. GPost uses geolocation and geofencing technologies to ensure that you receive all OFFICAL ALERTS that are relevant to your current location and to the places you care about.

AREA ALERTS are sent from other GPost users within 500 meters of your current location who require assistance. These alerts will be accompanied by a small identifier that looks like this: AREA ALERT BUTTON BUG

Some alerts will be more important than others. High-level alerts – OFFICIAL EMERGENCY ALERTS and user sent PANIC ALERTS – will have red text in the subject line.

Important alert

If you receive an alert that looks like this it means someone is in imminent danger and needs immediate assistance, or that there is a potentially life-threatening event affecting your current location or a place you care about, so be sure to open it right away!


Sponsored messages are promotional offers from local businesses and may contain coupons or special deals. You are eligible to receive sponsored messages from any business within 500 meters of your current location. Don’t worry about being spammed though, you will only receive sponsored messages you sign up for. You can edit your sponsored message preferences in your SETTINGS.

Rather than having to sign up for each individual business you want to see local deals from, sponsored messages are organized into categories such as Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Hairdressing & Beauty, etc., allowing you to receive all promotional offers from the types of businesses that interest you.

Sponsored messages will also be displayed in the NEARBY social media feature, so you will still have access to great local deals even if you don’t want to receive them as messages.