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How to add contacts, manage contacts, and designate emergency contacts

To manage you contacts, tap the CONTACTS tab on your HOME screen. This will open your CONTACTS page, which will look like this:

Screenshot - Contacts

You will need to have someone as a contact before you can write them messages, add them as an emergency contact, or add them to a group, so you'll want to add contacts right away.

Adding Contacts

To add a new contact, tap Add contact at the top of your screen.

Tap Search by Mobile / Username to search for contacts with GPost accounts.

If you want to add a contact that doesn’t already have an account with GPost you can invite them to create an account by tapping Your Mobile Contacts. You will need to allow GPost to access your mobile contact list to use this feature.

Tap the INVITE button next to the contact you want to invite.  This will open a message inviting them to become a GPost user.  You can use GPost's pre-scripted invitation, or write your own.  We recommend personalizing your message so your contact is less likely to think the invitation is spam.

You can invite all your mobile contacts to join GPost by tapping the INVITE ALL button near the top of your screen.

Tapping SEND will send your contact(s) an SMS message inviting them to join GPost.

Managing Contacts

To manage a contact, tap an existing contact from your contacts list.  This will open a page that shows your contact's display name and any message threads between you.  This is also the page from which you can compose new messages to a contact.

Screenshot - contact, cut

Tap the edit contact button icon to the right of your contact's display name to open their contact profile, which will look like this:

Screenshot - contact profile (cut)

You can rename your contact by tapping the edit pencil button (contact name) icon to the right of their name.  Enter a new display name, then tap OK.

To delete your contact, tap DELETE, then tap YES to confirm that you want to delete them from your list of contacts.

If someone is harassing you, you can block them so they cannot message you in the future and/or report their account.  To block a contact, toggle the Block option to the blue on position.  You can always unblock a contact later.

If someone is sending you offensive or illegal content you can report their account.  First, take screenshots of the content in question, open their contact profile and tap the Report button report button.  Select the reason you are reporting them, then tap the ADD button to upload your screenshots.  Screenshots are required to report an account.  You may also add comments to give added context, although this is not required.

Emergency Contacts

You can designate any of your contacts as emergency contacts.  Unlike other GPost users, your emergency contacts will receive any PANIC ALERTS you send no matter how far away they are.

More information on PANIC ALERTS and other AREA ALERTS can be found in the Area Alerts article.

To manage your emergency contacts, tap the Emergency Contacts button.

To add or remove an emergency contact, tap the group plus button button on the bottom right of your screen.  This will display a list of all your contacts.  Tap each contact you want to add as an emergency contact.  Selected contacts will be denoted with a checkmark checkmark to the right of their entry. 

Once you have selected every contact you want to designate as an emergency contact, tap DONE.