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An overview GPost’s main features

The HOME SCREEN is where you will access all GPost’s main features. When you first open the app, you will see a screen that looks like this:

Home screen

You will first see your chat history, so if you are new to GPost, there may only be a Welcome Message. This screen is where all alerts, messages, and group messages will arrive.

In the upper left is the MENU menu hamburger (android). The MENU provides access to your SETTINGS, CHAT inbox folders, AREA ALERT feature, and a few other features.

At the bottom of your screen you will see a navigation bar with five tabs: CHATS, CONTACTS , GROUPS, NEARBY, and PANIC. You will start on the CHATS tab every time you open the GPost app.


The CHATS tab serves as your inbox. Here you will find all communications you send or receive from GPost, which includes MESSAGES, GROUP MESSAGES, ALERTS, and SPONSORED MESSAGES. See our Chats article for more information about the types of information you can receive through GPost.

You can tap on any thread to view the message content and if applicable, write your response. You can also compose a new message by tapping the ellipsis button icon. See our Messaging article for more information on the different ways to message with GPost.


The CONTACTS tab serves as your address book. Here you can add and edit contacts, designate emergency contacts, and select a contact to message. See our Contacts article for more information on adding and managing your contacts.


The GROUPS tab is where you can create and edit groups for easy messaging of multiple contacts. Once you have created a group you will be able to send a chat in a common group thread that will be received by everyone. See our Groups article for more information on managing your groups.


The NEARBY tab is where you can access GPost’s geographically tagged social media feature. Users can use NEARBY to post text, photos, and videos, and can designate their posts with pre-formatted or user added hashtags.  Posts are geographically tagged so you can see where a post was made, making it easy to find or avoid events in your community. See our Nearby article for detailed instructions on how to use the NEARBY feature.


The PANIC tab is a shortcut to the AREA ALERT function, which can also be found on the MENU. The PANIC ALERT is a way for you to notify other nearby GPost users and your emergency contacts that you or someone else is in a dangerous situation and needs help right away. See our Area Alert article for instructions on the appropriate uses of this feature.