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How to use the Nearby feature

NEARBY is GPost's geographically tagged social media feature.  Users can use NEARBY to post text, photos, and videos, and designate their posts with pre-formatted or user added hashtags.  Posts are geographically tagged so you can see where a post was made, making it easy to find or events or make arraignments to keep yourself safe. 

Tap the NEARBY tab on the HOME SCREEN to open the NEARBY feature, then tap the NEARBY tab again to display the NEARBY navigation bar.  The screen will display a map centered on your location, which will look like this:

Screehshot - Nearby

Posts near you will be displayed as blue pins.  You will only see posts made within a designated radius of your location, as indicated by the shaded blue circle.  To adjust your search radius, tap either of the search buttons search button.  This will display a radius selector:

Screenshot - Nearby search radius (cut)

You can tap the search button to the right of the radius selector again to display additional search options, allowing you to search posts by hashtag or to change the location of your search radius:

Screenshot - Nearby search by tag (cut)

You can tap the list icon nearby list button in the upper right corner of the map to view posts as a tiled list.  Tapping the map icon nearby map button will return you to the map view.

Tap on a post to display a quick view of the post at the bottom of your screen.  Tapping on the quick view will bring up the full post:

Screenshot - nearby view post (water burst)

Here you may tap on the person icon person icon to view who made the post and contact them directly if the post was not made anonymously.

If you want to keep track of a post so you can easily find it again later, tap the watching iconnearby watching button 2 to add the post to your Watching list on the navigation bar.

You can tap the exclamation icon nearby report button-1 to report a post with objectionable content.

Creating a New Post

To create a new post, tap the nearby new post button-1 button.  Choose to take pictures or video by tapping Camera, to upload existing pictures or video by tapping Choose from Album, or to make a post with Text only.  If you choose Text only you still will have the option to add pictures or video later.

Tapping Text only will open the New Post screen, which will look like this:

Screenshot - Nearby new post (edited)-1

Enter the text content of your post in the Description field (1).

Tap the rectangle with the + icon (2) to add photos or video.

Tap Location (3) to geotag your post.  You can select any of your registered addresses, or your current location.

Tap Tags (4) to add hashtags telling other users what your post is generally about.  Choose at least one predesignated safety or general tag, and add any custom tags in the field provided.  Posts designated as safety issues will be brought to the attention of your local government officials.

Use the Post as toggle (5) to choose whether to post anonymously or as yourself.  If you choose to post as yourself an additional Allow contact toggle will appear allowing  you to control whether or not other users can contact you directly about this post.

Tap Done (6) to finish creating your post.  This button will be disabled until you have entered all required criteria.

Viewing and Deleting Your Posts

Tap the Me button on your navigation bar to view all your posts.

To delete a post, tap the delete button nearby delete post button, tap each post you wish to delete to select them and tap the delete button nearby delete post button again.