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What is an Area Alert, and when do I use it?

GPost's AREA ALERT is a tool for crowdsourcing personal safety. 

If you or someone near you is in dangerous situation, you can use the AREA ALERT to seek immediate aid from a wide swath of people who can act to render direct assistance or call 911 on your behalf.

The AREA ALERT provides recipients with:

  • Your precise location at the time you sent the alert
  • The time of the incident
  • A secure group chat connecting you and all alert recipients, allowing for a coordinated group response

You can cancel the AREA ALERT to let people know you are out of danger once the issue has been resolved.

To send an AREA ALERT, open the AREA ALERT screen by tapping the PANIC tab on the HOME screen, or by tapping AREA ALERT on the MENU menu hamburger (android)

The AREA ALERT screen will look like this:

Screenshot - area alert

When you open the AREA ALERT screen you will first see a WARNING: 

'Warning! All messages are recorded and reported. Please be responsible when using this service. All users within a 500-meter radius, and all your emergency contacts would receive this message.'

This warning applies to PANIC level alerts only.  There are three levels of AREA ALERT: PANIC, MEDIUM, and LOW.  All AREA ALERTS will be recorded and reported, but MEDIUM and LOW level alerts will only notify all GPost users within a 500-meter radius - they will not alert your EMERGENCY CONTACTS. 

When you open the AREA ALERT screen the default message will read, "I need help!" and the alert level will be set to the PANIC.  If you are in imminent danger or cannot safely write a custom message, press and hold the HOLD TO SEND button to send this alert immediately.

If it is safe to do so, write a custom message so that recipients have a better understanding of your situation and can better determine an effective response.

If you need help but aren't in an immediate life-threating situation, change the importance level to MEDIUM or LOW.  

Let's think about some case scenarios where we might use each level of alert.  This is a list of examples only, please use your common sense when using this feature.

  • PANIC: Use this alert level when you, or someone you are with, is in imminent danger of physical harm.  If someone needs immediate protection or medical assistance you should always call emergency services.
    • Medical emergency
    • Sexual assault
    • Active shooter
    • Fire
    • Lost child
  • MEDIUM: Use this alert level for situations that need immediate attention, but are not imminently dangerous.
    • Elderly or impaired in need of assistance
    • Suspicious persons
    • Lost pet
  • LOW: Use this alert level for minor events where help from your neighbors would be nice but is not required.
    • Helping digging a car out of the snow
    • Lost personal belongings