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Your GPost account settings and information

Your SETTINGS page lets you view and edit your account information and preferences.

To open your SETTINGS, open the MENU menu hamburger (android) in the upper left of your screen and tap Settings settings icon.

Display Name

The first entry on the SETTINGS page is your display name.  This is the name that other people will see when they interact with you account.

To change your display name, tap the edit pencil button icon, enter your new display name and tap OK.

My Addresses

These are the addresses you have registered with GPost.  By default, you only have one address, the one you registered with GPost when you created your account.

GPost OFFICIAL ALERTS are sent to specific areas, so you may want to add additional addresses if you want to receive alerts affecting different locations that are important to you, such the homes of extended family members.

Your CHATS page will only display messages from one active address at a time.  If you have unread messages sent to your other addresses this will be indicated at the top of your CHATS screen.

Tap My addresses to manage your addresses.

To add an address:

  • Tap ADD NEW ADDRESS at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Enter the street address.  If applicable, tap Unit/Apartment to enter the unit/apartment number. 
  • Select the address type and why you are adding it, then tap CREATE.  Your new address will appear in your list of addresses.

To change your active address, tap on the address you want to select from your list of addresses, then tap YES when asked if you are sure you want to switch to the selected address.

GPost Email Address

This is your GPost account's official email address.

Mobile Number

This is the mobile number that is registered with your GPost account.

Change Password

Here you can change the password to your GPost account.

Watch Zone

GPost will send you alerts relevant to your current location, your addresses, and your WATCH ZONE.  Your default WATCH ZONE is set to your registered address, but you can change your WATCH ZONE without changing your address.

Private Email Addresses

Messages received through GPost can be forwarded to private email addresses as an additional method of notification.  To register a new private email address, tap the group plus button button, then enter your email address and tap OK.

All of your registered private email addresses will be displayed in a list.  Tap on any private email address to enable email forwarding to that address.  Each address with email forwarding enabled will be denoted by a checkmark checkmark.


The PUBLISHERS setting lets you choose which PUBLISHERS you want to receive information from, allowing you to control what kinds of notifications you receive.

GPost PUBLISHERS are organizations that send OFFICAL ALERTS about local disruptions, safety issues, events, and other information relevant to your community.

Subscribing to PUBLISHERS is optional: you will still receive critical life-saving alerts about impactful events in your area even if you aren't subscribed to any PUBLISHERS.

To subscribe or unsubscribe to a PUBLISHER, simply tap their name to toggle your subscription to them on or off.

My Street Group

Your STREET GROUP is an automatically generated group of all GPost users with addresses on your street, and is available on you GROUPS page.  If you do not wish to receive messages from this group you can move this toggle to the grey off position.

Sponsored Messages

SPONSORED MESSAGES are a way for you to get access to deals and special promotional offers from businesses near your current location.

You can choose which business categories you want to subscribe to, such as Food & Beverage, Entertainment, or Hairdressing and Beauty, and because businesses only send sponsored messages out to GPost users within 500 meters of their premises you don't have to worry about receiving sponsored messages that aren't relevant.

SPONSORED MESSAGES will be displayed on GPost's NEARBY social media feature, you will still have access to all local deals even if you don't want to receive any messages.

To subscribe or unsubscribe to SPONSORED MESSAGES, tap the toggle next to each business category to the desired setting.


Use this setting to select which language you want the GPost app to be displayed in.


Tap Help if you require assistance with GPost.  Here you can find links to our Knowledge Base and Support Contact information.

This page also provides you access to GPost's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.