What is GPost?

GPost is the world's first technology that enables us to send direct and relevant messages on a local level.

GPost is a free messaging platform that connects us, our loved ones, and those who have information about local events or emergencies that directly affect our lives. When you receive an alert through GPost you’ll know it’s important.    

GPost is a secure internal messaging platform that allows you and official GPost Publishers to send texts and emails to other GPost accounts. All GPost accounts are registered with a physical address. This allows someone to send a message to a location and have it be received by all GPost accounts registered with that address or greater area, even if the sender doesn’t have them as a listed contact.

GPost's intelligent messaging platform revolutionizes how we can manage our personal safety.

Emergency Alerts:

The Old Way, Without GPost:

Agencies charged with sending alerts can only reach people who are already on their lists.

Municipalities, schools, utility companies, large facilities (such as hotels, office buildings, residential towers) send alerts – about closures, power outages, and other emergencies – like SMS, email, or phone calls to those who have put themselves on their lists. 

One problem with the current system is sometimes only one family member is on an alert list from the school or local government.  If you, as a parent, are traveling, and grandparents or a babysitter is looking after your children, they won’t receive these critical alerts. 

Another problem is that people who travel don’t sign up for emergency alerts at the places they visit, making it extremely difficult for local emergency alert services to effectively notify them. This problem is especially acute for popular tourist locations that are prone to natural disasters, such hurricane prone Florida.

The Solution, With GPost

With GPost, any user of the platform who is in the affected area will receive the alert. Municipalities, building managers, utilities, etc. know that everyone who is on GPost and in the affected area, not just those on a list, will receive critical information. Users will know that no matter where they travel they will receive critical alerts from local agencies.

GPost users will also receive any emergency alert that is sent to their home location, no matter where they are when the alert is sent. No matter where you go you’ll be informed of emergencies that could affect you, your home, and your family.

Community Engagement:

The Old Way, Without GPost:

If a local government or institution wants to engage their community they currently don’t have very effective options. Technological solutions are typically limited to displaying information on official websites and social media pages which are rarely visited. If they want to reach the majority of the community they often need to use traditional print media, putting up posters, handing out flyers, sending canvassers door to door, or sending out paper mailings to every resident. These methods are either ineffective at reaching most residents or are prohibitively inefficient and expensive.

The Solution, With GPost:

Governments and institutions can sign up to be GPost PUBLISHERS. Publishers can send messages to all GPost users in a geographic area, or only certain kinds of users such as local businesses or educational institutions. Users can also subscribe to Publishers to see more regular posts, just like following a social media account. Not only does this allow institutions to simply and effectively contact local residents, it allows them to engage the local community on important issues by soliciting responses, or even engage in two-way conversations.

Personal Emergencies and Community Organizing:

The Old Way, Without GPost:

If you or someone around you is in a dangerous situation and needs help immediately, the only technological tool at your disposal is to call 911. You have no way of seeking help from bystanders other than by yelling or blowing a whistle, and even if you do manage to get people to help like this there is no way for them to organize their response other than word of mouth.

Similarly, if your pet has gone missing or you want have a yard sale, the only tools for directly conveying this information to your neighbors is through word of mouth, personal messages, and posters. Social media can help spread your message, but unless you have a dedicated neighborhood social media group you have no way of being sure that your posts will be seen by your neighbors.

The Solution, With GPost:

GPost has an AREA ALERT feature that lets you immediately alert all GPost users within a 500-yard radius of an emergency (such as an injury, crime, broken down car, or safety issue). If you or someone else is in imminent danger or needs immediate assistance you can give the Area Alert a PANIC level priority. Doing this will send the alert to your emergency contacts as well as nearby GPost users, and will indicate that you need help right now.

Those who are alerted can communicate with each other through the platform on how to respond to the situation, effectively crowd sourcing personal safety and enabling an immediate bystander response using military grade encrypted messaging between groups of up to 500 people. This powerful feature is useful even in non-emergency settings, and when minutes matter, the GPost Panic Alert can save lives.

Another GPost method for providing information to your community is the NEARBY feature. Nearby allows you to make a public post about an event near you and view similar posts from other users. You can use your camera to shoot and post a pictures or video and write something about what happened. If want, you can make these posts anonymously, letting you inform your community while ensuring your privacy. Nearby posts are geolocated so you’ll be able to see exactly where each post was made, helping you find events of interest and avoid hazards.

Your Privacy, Guaranteed:

GPost operates using some of your private information, such as your home address, personal contact information, and current location, and this can create privacy concerns. We understand. GPost stores no personal data of any users, and we will NEVER sell, share, or offer your information to anyone else, ever.

All sub systems and services of the GPost system sit in a highly restricted virtual private cloud on the most secure global infrastructure. All communication between sub systems goes through a private network. Data exchange with our clients is protected by military grade encryption. See our Security FAQs and Privacy Policy for more information.

GPost: own your safety