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When you get an alert.

What to do if you receive an alert from GPost

There are two types of alerts you may receive through GPost: OFFICAL ALERTS from GPost PUBLISHERS, and AREA ALERTS from other GPost users.


OFFICIAL ALERTS are sent from GPost PUBLISHERS.  This can be a local government, your kid's school, or your gas and electric company or many others that you choose to receive information from.

GPost PUBLISHERS send EMERGENCY ALERTS and NOTIFICATIONS about impactful events happening near you that could affect the safety of you or your loved ones, and will always be accompanied by a small identifier that looks like this: OFFICIAL BUG


EMERGENCY ALERTS are high-level alerts that contain information that is critical to you or your family's immediate safety.  You can tell if an alert is a high-level alert by the red text in the subject line.

Important alert

If you receive an alert that looks like this you should take it very seriously.  When you receive an EMERGENCY ALERT you should read the message as a matter of priority and follow the instructions or suggestions provided.

You will always receive EMERGENCY ALERTS that are relevant to your current location or the places you care about.  See the My Addresses section of our Settings article for more information on how to designate areas that are important to you.

Here are some examples incidents you might receive an EMERGENCY ALERT about:

  • Evacuation notices
  • Flash flood warnings
  • Active shooter alerts


PUBLISHERS send lower-level alerts, or NOTIFICATIONS, containing valuable information about events and disruptions affecting your current location or home community.  It is less vital to open these alerts immediately, but you will want to open them at your earliest convenience.

You can control which PUBLISHERS you receive NOTIFICATIONS from in your SETTINGS, which is accessible via the MENU menu hamburger (android).

Examples of potential NOTIFICATIONS you might receive include:

  • Utility outages
  • Road closures
  • Prescribed-burn notices
  • Public health advisories
  • Community festivals or events


AREA ALERTS are sent from other GPost users within 500 meters of your current location who require assistance. These alerts will be accompanied by a small identifier that looks like this: AREA ALERT BUTTON BUG

There are three levels of AREA ALERTS: PANIC (HIGH), MEDIUM, and LOW.

See our Area Alert article for more information about how and when you should send an AREA ALERT.


PANIC ALERTS are sent by GPost users who are in imminent danger and require immediate assistance, so if you receive one you should open it right away.  They will appear in your CHATS screen like this:


When you open an AREA ALERT you will see a screen like this:


The approximate address will be listed in the alert's subject line, and you can use the map to zoom in or out to see exactly where the alert was sent from.

The OFFER HELP button opens a secure group chat between you, the alert sender, and other alert recipients who have offered help, allowing for a coordinated group response.  Use this feature to determine if you can and should provide assistance, or if you should retreat from the situation or contact emergency services.

If you do decide to offer assistance you can tap the DIRECTIONS button to open either Google Maps or Apple Maps on your phone to help you navigate to the sender's location.  Never offer medical or other emergency assistance that you are not trained to provide.

If someone needs immediate protection or medical assistance the red button in the lower right provides a quick link for you to call emergency services (911 in the United States).  You will have essential location data to share with the 911 operator, so keep your app open.


MEDIUM or LOW level AREA ALERTS are sent by GPost users who need or would like assistance but are not in immediate danger.

These alerts are not life-critical, but you should open them at your earliest convenience.  You may be able to provide assistance simply by chatting with locals without leaving home. Make a difference and help.